logo What is included in the Types of orders
Solo-Package "Order Ring"
This is the basic order, where you will receive the Brass Ring, certificate, the record on the website and the Bag that holds it all. This all comes at the set price including the basic shipping. While placing the order you have the opportunity to purchase any of the accessories that can be used with the Brass Ring like; the leather necklace with a choice of colors, a desk stand to hold your Brass Ring on display. You will also have the opportunity to select advanced shipping, Priority Mail that will give the order a tracking number. The accessories and advanced shipping come with additional fees.

Rings and Accessories Order

The Rings and Accessories Order Form will allow the customer to purchase any desired quantities of any parts or components. The customer can choose to buy one or one hundred or more, selecting from necklaces, rings, bags, blank certificates, and stands. These orders allow for teams, groups, students, and others to order larger quantities in a single mailing at a reduced cost due to limited handling and labor.

There are some other differences: Mailing cost and certificates for example. The certrificates are blank and you will need to print them yourself. They come about the size of a normal envelope which can be used in your printer to allow you to print the award. Take note: those certificates you print will not be on the website for future look up, you will need to use the modification program to ass the text online. No certificate is included in the order unless rings are ordered and then only as many as there are rings.

Mailing is one cost no matter the size of the order: $3.00 shipping.

Notes on the 12 Ring Packages: There are three new packages of rings only. Each pack comes with 12 rings per set. One pack is serailzed and the second option has no serial number. The third option comes with a serial number, but unlike the first 12 pack set, all these rings have been entered into the database. With the third option the customer can go online to use the text/certificate features. The first two do not have the online feature. If you want the rings to have access to the online editing, you need to purchase the third option.

In all three of the 12 ring packages, there is no scroll, bag, or other information. Instructions to get online to enter text is only in the third option. Any questions? Contact us for further information.

Pre-Packaged Order

The PrePackaged Order Form is to allow the customer to purchase Rings/Accessories to hand out to others as give aways, resales, event packages, and more: family events, teams promotions, online web sites, malls, retail stores, etc. or they can be purchased wholesale for larger quantities for groups: teams, parties, reunions, etc. ($3.00 discount per ring on orders of 10 or more)

Prepackaged orders have a scroll that is already preprinted for the particular purchase. Note: If you desire to have a group of packages with your own message, it can be done for the regular cost. Contact us for details.

You can order as few as one or as many as you like, shipping is only $3.00 no matter the size of order. Each package comes with a serialized ring, scroll, burlap carry bag/polishing cloth, a business card with the unlocking code, instructions for viewing and editing on line, and a bubble wrap shipping envelope allowing the customer to mail the product in protected safty. All these parts are enclosed in shrink wrap, prepared to be sold on store shelves or handed out. Need more details, contact us.