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Brand New Hand Made Brass Rings Displays! available 12/01/2016

Designed and constructed the the lowlands of North Carolina, each display is unique. These displayes are made by a local craftsman and painted in Black, White, and Red. With quantities of over 10 we can have them painted or stained to your specifications at no additional cost. They add a a flare to the ring and allow for it to be kept on your desk, night stand, or any where you wish.

We are working on several other models including one to hang the ring from the wall. If you have any ideas please share and we will see what we can do. We get our ideas from our customers, so tell us what you want, we are hear for you.
New 12 Ring Packs in the Rings and Accessories order form available 12/10/2016

There are three new packages of rings only. Each pack comes with 12 rings per set. One pack is serailzed and the second option has no serial number. The third option comes with a serial number, but unlike the first 12 pack set, all these rings have been entered into the database. With the third option the customer can go online to use the text/certificate features. The first two do not have the online feature. If you want the rings to have access to the online editing, you need to purchase the third option.

In all three of the 12 ring packages, there is no scroll, bag, or other information. Instructions to get online to enter text is only in the third option. Any questions? Contact us for further information.

Penny Ring Game.

One of the first new rural games of the 21st century. With a history based on the 1920's games like; penny toss, marbles, and straight form the carnival's carousel. From the comes "Penny Ring". Packaged with a Serialized Solid Brass Ring, and 20 pennies, all contained in a game bag, this package comes with a shipping envelope to allow the customer to sent it as a gift to others. A game that is challenging, hard to win and more fun than you could possibly imagine. It is easily portable and playable nearly anywhere, created for the next generation based on the last.

Make your mark and become a "Ringer". Carry the game in your pocket or purse, or even around your neck. The Brass Ring can be placed on a necklace like the 1960's and a handful of change makes the game go. This is an original American game created by an Air Force pilot in the 1970's while on station.

This original game is available online from The rules come in the package and are online as well. Additionally, only the Penny Ring has the option to modify the certificate that comes with the game. In this way you can personalize the game and tell stories of games played. Or you can edit the text to contain a personal message when giving it as a gift. If your Brass Ring's serial number is not listed in the certificates page, you don't have an original ring.

Get your game today, heck you get 20 cents back on every game. Each game has 20 pennies in it to play with.

To order your Penny Game, go to the Prepackaged selection under ordering. Select the number of Games you want and fill in the other information. Hurry, you need a game to practice. Have fun and thank you for visiting our company.

This is the basic rules, other games that are playablewith the BrassRing are listed in the package.

Players first establish a throw line. One player then tosses the ring out beyond the throw line, called the Setter,because that player sets the throwing distance. Like pitching pennies, the line cannot be crossed when each player tosses the penny. The object of the game is to put a penny inside the Brass Ring. Each time a penny is put inside the Brass Ring, the player, called the Ringer, collects all the pennies that missed up to that point. The Ringer will then take the Brass Ring and toss it out to set it up for the next round, andnow becomes the Setter.

The player who throws the Brass Ring, the Setter, will be the last thrower in the round. This is to ensure that the Setter doesn't make this too easy to win. Then each player in turn tries to put the penny into the Brass Ring. If after multiple rounds, no one has put a penny in the Brass Ring, they can collect the pennies that were thrown, and begin again.

After each win by a player, The Ringer, will collect the Brass Ring and throw it to a new spot. This is the only time the throw line can be changed. Play continues until all the pennies are won by one player or time runs out and the player with the most wins.

Of course the game can be played with marbles, jacks, small balls, checkers or any denomination of coin (smaller than a quarter). Jacks make an interesting twist to the game, they don't roll or bounce in a specific way.

The game can be played inside or outside. Inside the game is very challenging with marbles, if not impossible, when the floor is smooth. Carpet, wood floors, tile, sand, dirt and grass make the game different in the skills needed and employed. Sand makes a great game area as the tossed items don't bounce much.

Any ideas on the game can be sent to us to incorporate into the game system. Have fun and enjoy.

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