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Priced like a greeting card but Valued like a trophy
Trophies  awards, congratulations; the BrassRing says it all.

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Why the serial number?
In life we have hundreds of occasions to give or receive a Brass ring. As your collection of Brass rings grows this serial number will help you to keep the reasons for each Brass ring separate. This allows you to keep track of each success and why it was given to you in the first place. Trophies have dates and names to help identify them, rings are smaller with little room to place a lot of information. With the serial number you can come to this web site, enter the serial number, and the results will be displayed that describes what your Brass ring represents.

What are some of the Reasons to Give a Brass Ring?
The Brass Ring is a symbol of achievement. It can be given or purchased for yourself. There are all kinds of reasons for getting a Braqss Ring. Here are just a few: Reasons.

How do I attach the leather necklace?
There are two methods: one where the length is fixed, while the other allows the necklace to be adjusted. At the time of purchase you can request the leather necklace to be attached, but if it is purchased at a later date it is a simple process. There are two illustrations you can click on here to see how this is done: Fixed or Adjustable

A full scale drawing with how to attach the ring: 1.simply putting the leather through and tying a knot or making the adjustable slider. 2. attaching the ring with a loop through and then tying the ends to gether or making the adjustable slider. Here is an Illustration

The instructions are included with your order, if you purchased the leather necklace. We will be planning a video if the instructions do not meet the needs of our customers. If you wish to contact us with your comments, please do.

Can I change information?
If you need to change the information please send us the invoice number and the information you wish to have changed. Currently the only person that we accept or changing any of the information is he the person who made the purchase or the person receiving the Brass ring. They will need the Invoice number or serial number to confirm the change.

When does sales tax apply?
According to North Carolina law, if the product is shipped to a North Carolina address we have to collect the sales tax. As our company resides in North Carolina, only orders that are delivered to a North Carolina address have the sales tax collected at the time of purchase. According to federal law, state sales tax can only be collected by a business in that state. If the customer is in North Carolina, but is shipping the Brass Ring to any other state, there is no sales tax collected by us for that sale. If, however, a North Carolina customer is shipping to a North Carolina address, then we would collect the tax nrmally.

Customers receiving the Brass Ring in other states do not pay North Carolina sales tax.

Where can I see the Discalimer and Warnings?
Please click on the link: Discalimer and Warnings

Explain the 12 Pack Options in the Accessory Order?
There are three new packages of rings only. Each pack comes with 12 rings per set. One pack is serailzed and the second option has no serial number. The third option comes with a serial number, but unlike the first, all these rings have been entered into the database. With the third option the customer can go online to use the text/certificate features. The first two do not have the online feature. If you want the rings to have access to the online editing, you need to purchase the third option. Of course the first selection on the order page comes with the online text certificate option as as do all the prepackaged and regular package.

Many of our customers have requested a cut price for orders that are handed out but require none of the other items included in the package. These packages cut the cost of the rings, but come with no scroll, bag or other items that come in the normal pre-packaged or regular package. Some of the customers just wanted the ring, while others wanted the serial number on the ring. The first two options are not recorded in our database and so the option to enter text on the website is not available. The third choice is similar to the normal packages but without all the items included in the packages. If you have a team or the like and want to get the functionality of the online, this is the most cost effective method.

In all three of the 12 ring packages, there is no scroll, bag, or other information. Instructions to get online to enter text is only in the third option. Any questions? Contact us for further information.