logo Certificate Creation
When purchasing from the "Components order form", the certificate is not added as there may be multiple rings in the order. On this page independent enteries are made on a single Ring, allowing it to be personalized while adding the certificate into the system. All the fields must be filled out to complete the certificate. Once the certificate is stored, it can be pulled up normally through the library or edited using the edit program that is inclosed with your order. Certificates can be printed in the Library, or at the end of this entry process. Lets get started.

First you must enter all the fields to complete the certificate. Once the entry is completed there is a verification process on the following page. Upon submission the changes are stored when the Store button is pressed. Once Stored the certificate can only be changed by our staff through an email request. Make sure the wording and information is correct before pressing the "Store" button at the end of the verification process. We check the records on the Invoice to make sure there are rings without certificates and choosing one will reduce that number until they are all entered. If there are no further rings on the Invoice, the process is complete and no further Certificates can be entered.

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