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What do you need today or tomorrow? A Gift or Award, how about a Game or a Greeting, maybe some Entertainment, Spiritual tools, or just a Novel or Unique item? Our packages can fill any one or all of these roles. Check them out and see what we have to offer. Priced like a greeting card, they are very inexpensive.

With over 35 products and growing. Our Brass Rings are games, symbols, awards, and greetings at prices equal to the normal greeting card. There are additional accessories that make the gift or symbol stand out even more on the person or desk. Not just a gift that sits around looking pretty, they are a key to unlock the story of a life. Some are original games while others are symbols or success or faith.

Our Rings are engraved with a serial number laser right into the Ring. Each ring comes with two scrolls and carry bag. You can personalize the scroll contents or use one of the per-packaged products. We are adding accessories from time to time like: necklaces and displays. The text of the scroll can be viewed online and that text can be modified by you to personalize it. Don't tell anyone but there is a secret area to pass along private messages.

Individual Brass Rings or Pre-Packaged for every occasion like: Awards, Greetings, Recognition's, Achievements, Gifts, Memories, Spiritual, Meditation, Faith, Fun, Games, Entertainment, Novelty, Promotions, Reunions, Sales, Teams and more. They can be individualized as needed. The second blank scroll in the package allows you to hand write a personal message to whom ever you send it.

Online you can edit the text of the certificate. Make it view-able from the browser or not, even a special area is included that only the person with the ring can read. More than a Brass Ring, it is a key to a hidden door way. You have got to have several of these to share with friends and family!

Check out the products available under the order button, you don't have to order to see what is available, or go to the FAQ, if it isn't there, contact us, we will promptly reply. In the accessories area you can order discounted quantities of rings and accessories.

Order today.

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How it Got started

When I was younger I collected Brass Rings as a way to mark and remember special events and cherished memories. After collecting several rings I realized there was no way to tell one from another.

I created "Grab the Brass Ring" so others could mark their treasured moments and events with a ring marked with it's own number and enter into a database allowing you to always know and recognize which ring symbolized and marked a particular moment or event.

For the cost of a Greeting card you receive a Brand new Brass Ring with it's own designated number, a burlap bag to hold it and polish it, a mailing envelope to send it to someone, and a scroll with the memory in writing. Your gift is also recorded on line and can be edited as desired.

This gift gives something special, a memory that will last a life time.

The Basic Package

Shrink Wrapped packaging
Shrink wrapped
Contents of the Package
Serialized Brass Ring
Burlap bag to carry and polish
pre-printed Scroll and Blank Scroll
instructions for web editing and viewing
instructions for shipping
bubble shipping bag
Business card & Pass Code

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